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Workplace Massage

Benefits of Massage:

Massage is a scientific discipline that offers practical and definitive results while addressing physical and mental tension. Massage affects the whole body by releasing muscle tension and freeing tissue that can bind the joints. Massage at the workplace has become very popular because of its stress reduction benefits and the low cost of implementation.

What can massage do for your employees?

*Generate energy and reduce fatigue

*Increase resistance to illness

*Relieve low back, shoulder and neck tension

*Relieve pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome

*Reduce tension headaches

*Increase flexibility, rage of motion and circulation

What this means for your organization:

*Higher employee moral

*Increased productivity

*Reduced employee sick days and turnover

*Deceased repetitive stress injuries

*Reduce workers' compensation claims


We deliver massage in 5, 10, 15 minute increments to accommodate the standard break and lunch times. During this allotted time, our therapist will focus on the areas of the body most prone to stress such as the shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms. The results are immediate and your employees will return to work rejuvenated and refreshed.

Instead of a traditional massage table, we bring a specially designed portable massage chair. The chair can be set up anywhere at your work site and everyone can participate regardless of physical condition or fitness level. The massage is performed while your employees are in work attire and requires no change of clothes, showers, or lotions. Massage sessions are brief as to avoid disrupting work schedules.

The results from massage in the workplace are immediate and the effects are cumulative. Workplace massage will increase employee productivity, mental and physical health, and well being for optimal workforce performance.

Workplace Massage Pricing

*Paid for by employer 

3 hour booking = $234

5 minutes per employee = 36 employees

10 minutes per employee = 18 employees

15 minutes per employee = 9 employees

4 hour booking = $312

5 minutes per employee = 48 employees

10 minutes per employee = 24 employees

15 minutes per employee = 16 employees

5 hour booking = $390

5 minutes per employee = 60 employees

10 minutes per employee = 30 employees

15 minutes per employee = 20 employees

Thank you for considering Citrine Spa and Body Shop. We look forward to taking care of your company and your stress management needs! If you have any further questions or would like to set up a corporate massage day for your employees, please call 850-668-2257.

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